Potassium Nitrite

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Product description Potassium Nitrite

Potassium nitrite is also known as Nitrous acid, potassium salt or as formula KNO2.

Product information

Potassium nitrite is a white/yellowish crystalline. As a result of its oxidizing properties, potassium nitrite can be used as an oxidizer in a variety of industries. Examples are corrosion inhibitor, reducing agent Benfield process (fertilizer production) and in glass frit for enamel glazing. Potassium nitrite is sold as a moist crystal to help delay the onset of caking. Some downward migration of moisture can occur in drums during storage.

Product details

| Potassium nitrite | CAS number : 7758-09-0 | EC number: 231-832-4 |

Safety information

Note! It is a hazardous substance and can harm your health and the environment, if used incorrectly. Always look at the applicable symbols and Material Safety datasheet. Only for professional use!

Hazard symbols

MSDS Summary

Signal word Danger
Hazard statements H272, H301, H400
Precautionary statements P210, P273
ADR / IMO / IATA 5.1 UN1488


Our Potassium nitrite has a minimum of 97 % KNO2, with low impurities.

REACH regulation EC 1907/2006

Gentrochema BV has a REACH pre-registration and a so-called PPORD. Quantities below 1000 kg per year remain available !

Delivery and Packing

We can supply our potassiumnitrite from stock in the Netherlands. Minimum order quantity is 25 kg.

It is standard available in 25 kg UN Carton drums ( see picture in the header) or 25 kg UN HDPE drums. Other packing is available on request. We can also supply a solution.

In general the delivery will take 2-3 working days, but his depends on your order. Of course, we are able to offer free delivery to all destinations world-wide.

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