Sodium Ferrocyanide

Sodium ferrocyanide decahydrate or Tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate  is in stock. We are successfully exporting our sodium ferrocyanide world-wide.
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Product description Sodium Ferrocyanide

Sodium ferrocyanide is also known by its European approved food additive number : E535. Moreover, sodiumferrocyanide is also called Tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate or yellow prussiate of soda (YPS), with the formula Na4[Fe(CN)6].10H2O


Product Information

Sodiumferrocyanide is a fine, (light) yellow crystalline.The compound has widespread use as an anti caking agent in salt, citric acid production and in pigments (Prussian blue).


Product details

| Tetrasodium hexacyanoferrate | CAS number :13601-19-9 | EC number: 237-081-9 |

Safety information

The substance does not fulfil the criteria for any of the hazard classes or categories set out in Annex 1 to CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (nor is assessed to be a PBT or vPvB substance). Hence, according to article 14(4) of the REACH regulation, exposure assessment is not required.

MSDS Summary

Signal word none
Hazard statements not applicable
Precautionary statements not applicable
ADR / IMO / IATA not applicable


Our Sodiumferrocyanide has a minimum of min. 99 % Na4Fe(CN)6.10H2O, with very low impurities. Our Sodiumferrocyanide E535 ( min. 99,5 % Na4Fe(CN)6.10H2O) complies to European Regulations for food additives nr. 231/2012 and nr.1333/2008  and to FCCIV (Food Chemicals Codex 4). Sizing is 0 – 1000 micron

REACH regulation EC 1907/2006

Gentrochema BV has a full registration since 2013.

Sodium ferrocyanide fcc

Delivery and Packing

We can supply our sodium ferrocyanide from stock in the Netherlands. Minimum order quantity is 25 kg. Our sodium ferrocyanide is standard available in 25 kg woven bags or 25 kg polyethylene bags. Other packing is available on request.
We can also supply a sodium ferrocyanide solution. In general the delivery will take 2-3 working days, but this depends on your order. Of course, we are able to offer free delivery to all destinations world-wide.

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